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Choosing A Perfect Deodorant
Top Beauty/Skincare Tips from Attirance
There are plenty of deodorants and anti-perspirants on the market. They consist of different shapes, sizes, scents and textures. It’s really difficult to choose when there’s such an amalgam offered. However, it’s important to declare what your specific needs as a costumer are, as most of the unsatisfied customers are the people who did not do a proper research and trusted their fortune or a shop consultant, that the product purchased will suit their skin-type and solve the problem that they are presented with. It’s your decision to follow a strategy of finding a proper deodorant: a loop of trials and errors, huge piles of the half-used deodorants in the bathroom - or simply raising your awareness, knowledge and confidently walking into the pharmacy and obtaining the right product for yourself.
First of all, it’s significant to decide – do you need a deodorant, or do you need an anti-perspirant? A lot of people can not distinguish among these two. Your decision should be based on your needs and priorities, as well as the level of intensity of the sebum, and therefore odor that your armpits produce. An interesting fact, is that actually the unpleasant smell is not coming directly from the sebum, AKA sweat. It’s produced from the bacteria that intervenes with the sebum. So there are two ways to fight the smell: 1) attack the bacteria and neutralize the odor 2) Blocking the pores and preventing the sweat itself to enter the surface of the skin. 

And that leads us to the main difference between Deodorants and Anti-perspirants: Deodorants tend to mask the unpleasant scent with the fragrance and the ingredients, while Antiperspirants are functioned to clog the sweat glands. The choice is completely upon the individual. People that have to work physically, whose circumstances are accompanied by high temperature or sun, or simply want to avoid the feeling of humidity in the armpits – are known to consume Anti-perspirants, as they suffer not only from the smell coming from their body, but visible moist on their clothes as well. 

Individuals with an average/low level of sweating, tend to use deodorants that simply deactivate and balance the natural smell and transform it into a pleasing aroma. However, the moist would still appear on the surface of the skin. 

People with the extremely high levels of sweat flow, tend to use specific sprays in combination with the deodorant or an anti-perspirant. For example, Attirance MAX Spray that is suggested to be used two times a week before bedtime, is a great solution to the problem of excessive perspiration. In order to let the pores breathe and give the skin an ability to rest, it’s recommended to use the products from the MAX Line along with the Aluminum Free Deodorant on a daily basis.


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