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Myths About Hair-Care 
There’s a saying, “Her hair only - equals a hundred woman”
Beauty is found everywhere and in all types of women and men, but It’s impossible to ignore and refuse noticing healthy, shining hair – that often serves as a cherry on the top, while looking at an attractive human. Apart from Genetics, awareness of chemical ingredients that the shampoos and conditioners on the market contain, can lead to glistening results. Silky and smooth, your hair can accompany you like a crown and make you feel ready to go – confident and content.
How to choose the right shampoo and how to avoid different myths affecting your perception?
First of all, it’s significant to find out the type of your sculp skin.  Weather it’s oily or dry, prone to dandruff, in both cases everybody needs to know that a myth, that washing one’s hair on a daily basis makes your head cleaner and hair shinier – needs to be destroyed. Washing the hair everyday can lead to alopecia, hair loss and the weakness of the follicles. That’s why, it’s recommended to wash the sculp once in 3 days.
Another myth that people keep believing in, is that the hair needs to be combed constantly in order to preserve a shiny look. The truth is that it’s a very bad idea to comb the hair often, especially when it’s in wet condition. In contact with warm water, the pores, thus the follicles become wider and they stop having an ability to stop the hair from falling out during the aggressive act of combing.
As long as the everyday habits of looking after one’s hair are controlled and performed wisely and with awareness of the repercussions, it’s time to choose the right shampoo. If you worry not only about your hair, but your overall health in general, it’s significant to understand what the usage of sulfate induced shampoos can lead to. Starting from the eye-sight problems, ending with dermatological difficulties, sulfates can irritate and lead your organism to many unwanted results. Sulfates are even considered Carcinogenic, thus this ingredient better be removed from your everyday routine.
People that tend to use blow dryers and different electronic styling devices, notice how their hair gets a damaged, dehydrated look and texture on their hair as time passes by. In this particular situation, a customer should find a shampoo that contains coconut or argan oil for maximum hydration. For Example, Attirance Coconut & Almond Cream Set of Shampoo and Conditioner performs the action of hydrating the hair without making it appear too oily.
In case of the sculp that produces excess oil, it’s important to block that production without creating a deficit which leads to 2x sebum production. For example, Attirance Lemon and Lime Sorbet Shampoo and Conditioner sets, take care of the cell regeneration and collagen synthesis – that’s why, the sebum production is under control.
Furthermore, when one likes using products with pleasant aromas, it’s always the best idea to use products with natural ingredients that create an association with healthy.  The best decision while choosing the right product for you hair, is to identify the specific needs that you as a customer have. 


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