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“The Skin, I Live In” 
What I wish I should have known when I was 20 Top Beauty/Skincare Tips from Attirance 

Some beauty and skincare myths that we have been hearing throughout the childhood/teenage years, seem to have turned out wrong. There are plenty of facts, that we rejected/denied, or vice versa - wrongfully, blindly believed even in our 20’s and only learnt the truth from the personal experience afterwards. In order to avoid mistakes in our routine, that will have an imminent effect on how our skin will look in our 30ies and later on, Attirance Blog will spill the tea and tell you about the most popular beauty/skincare myths, that tend to change the complete perspective on how we look after “The skin, that we live in” .

Tip N1: Oily Skin does not need to be moisturized – FALSE! There’s a myth, that people that have oily skin should not even consider using a moisturizer, as the skin already produces more than enough sebum – oil. Thought of adding on more moisture might feel like an unpleasant, and even terrible idea. But the truth is different: in order to avoid the over-compensation of the sebum – which is the n1 reason of outbreaks and acne, the skin should never be dried out. When we aggressively dry out the sebum from the pores and leave the skin non-moisturized, it “thinks” that it ran out of it and the natural response is to produce more, in the state of fear.  Even mattifying cremes that tend to remove the visual appearance of excessive oil, should contain the ingredients that support the collagen production in our skin.

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